Do schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson thinks so and the above YouTube clip has made him a bit of a rockstar for in the world of educational philosophy.

I managed to track down the full transcript of his lecture which is well worth a read.

Interestingly Sir Ken is Palmerston North as a speaker at a conference this week.

He has me tempted to drive to Palmerston North and crash the conference.

2 thoughts on “Do schools kill creativity?

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  1. Fascinating! That resonates with a lot of thoughts I’ve had since trying to find a way to squeeze my son into the education system. In particular, I think there is too much focus on a single type of education for children, especially when it comes to a focus on age over development. I looked into home-schooling, mainstreaming, special needs, and satellite classes. I wasn’t restricted to the local school, because of my son’s special circumstances. I was lucky to have these options to choose between; most parents don’t.


  2. Thanks for your insight, I agree that coping with individual difference within a system that provides schooling for the masses is a problem that our education system is going to have to manage better.


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