Classroom blogs that rock my world

I’m still about 6 weeks away from my first teaching experience. My feelings on the subject rapidly oscillate between ‘woohoo! I’m actually going into a classroom!’ and ‘ZOMG I’M GOING INTO A CLASSROOM/freakout.’

In the meantime, classroom blogs are a great way for me to get a window in on what is happening out there in the ‘real world.’

I chose New Zealand blogs because I’m from New Zealand and I am all about the nepotism. I’ve chosen blogs from Year 1-8 as I’m an aspiring primary teacher. But there is literally a galaxy of blogs out there from different levels, schools and countries to go and observe.

So the list.

First up is Miss T’s classroom. This is a year 6-8 class and I like the use of glogsters. Even if I had to google what a glogster was (a graphical blog).

I also LOVE Room 8 @ Melville Int School for the use of video on their site.

I like how Moturoa school often displays student work on their website.

I hope Room 10 @ Point England starts up soon as these year 3 students video stories are amazing.

Classroom blogging has a whole bunch of benefits for teaching and learning.

However I am going to add one more. As a student teacher my learning is no longer limited to the two classrooms happen to be placed with. There’s literally a world of classrooms for me to visit.

Because there are only so many hours in a day, I’ve decided to follow the above blogs for a year as an observer. But I hope more student teachers take up the challenge of quietly following a classroom blog or two to broaden their horizons.

What Primary/Elementary blog would you recommend student teachers follow?

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