Anti-bullying flash mob

How many kinds of awesome is there in this Canadian flashmob to promote Pink Shirt Day?

For those not in the know, Pink Shirt Day started from a single incident of a new student getting harassed for wearing a pink shirt. Instead of turning a blind eye, two senior students organized an internet campaign for the rest of the school to wear pink in order to stand up to bullying. This single act has morphed into an international event and will be observed here in New Zealand on April 14. You can find out more about the New Zealand campaign here.

The back story to the flash mob is here. I love that there were secondary school students helping out primary school students with the choreography.

H/t to Ms Volk.

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  1. That was so sweet and so special, it really touched me. Thank you for sharing it. As a kid who was bullied and as a mum who’s seen her son bullied, it’s a topic close to my heart. I’ll be keeping an eye on the campaign in NZ now – I wasn’t aware of it before.


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