Weekly reflection: submitted

As I alluded to earlier in the week this week has been the week of assignment. Not one, but three of them. Maths, literacy and teaching strategies. Bam, bam, bam.

As such I haven’t had much of a chance to really think about anything outside of assignments and catching up on coursework that I hadn’t completed due to spending way too much time on the assignments.

This week is a bit of a turning point for my studies as tomorrow I start my teaching experience. For the next 2 months I’ll be out in the classroom seeing what I’ve been reading about for the last two months, actual teaching.

I hadn’t realized how read I was to go out on Teaching Experience until I was babysitting a friend’s preschooler and I made observation of Mr 3 and while we were stacking tins of cat food. I quickly noticed that although Mr 3 can ‘count’ to 20 he had no concept of what the numbers are. They are just words that he can prattle off, he hasn’t attached any meaning to them yet. Prior to my studies, I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to notice that Mr 3 has yet to develop the concept the number one represents one of something, while two means two of something etc even though he can ‘count’ all the way up to 11. Which is fine, he’s only just turned 3. But that incident crystallized all these weeks of reading and writing assignments. I was finally able to have an ‘aha’ moment where the theory I had been learning for the last few weeks fell into place and I was able to apply it to a situation.

So yes I may have some nerves about actually spending time in a school, but the biggest ones right now are deciding what I am going to wear.


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  1. For me, TE made all the hard slog of assignments, exams, modules and forum posts worth it – you see all the theory in practice, all those literacy/numeracy modules start to really make sense and it will make you hungry for your own classroom! Enjoy every minute, grab every opportunity you can and don’t be afraid of messing up – my Associate Teacher last year told me TE is a fantastic time to make mistakes!! So very true! Good Luck!


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