Turning my blog in an E-portfolio

Pencils in tech class (Photo by author)

Inspired by both a tweet on twitters #nqttips and Ashley Azzopardi’s blog (which any student teacher reading this should follow), I’ve decided to start building an e-portfolio in order to show how I meet the Teacher’s Council’s Graduating Teacher Standards.

Obviously some of my old posts are now part of this portfolio. But nevertheless I feel the need to give props to my inspiration and hope that this might prompt other student teachers to blog on their experience.

5 thoughts on “Turning my blog in an E-portfolio

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  1. I’m so happy that I have inspired you! Thank you very much. I hope we inspire many other aspiring primary teachers to start their own PLN and expand their learning experience through blogging and Twitter. Good luck!


    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment. It’s amazing that web 2.0 is opening up a whole new world outside not only the university but even outside of countries! I hope we get some more southern hemisphere student teachers in the mix as the North American ones start holidays in a few weeks!


  2. A nice idea – a way of formalising the many benefits that blogging offers to professional practice. After all, effectively every teaching-related blog post is an example of reflective practice, yes?

    From the very first post on my blog I’ve aimed to use it as CPD, but I hadn’t thought of using it as a formal portfolio of evidence – perhaps mainly because I blog and tweet anonymously. Hmmm. I think I shall emulate you, but referencing my posts to the next level of my (UK-based) CPD. This might also give me a way of structuring it, and easy inspiration for any moments when I can’t think of a quick post to keep up the momentum. Thank you!


    1. Ian,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I can’t really take any credit for my ideas as I’ve borrowed them off of other people’s ideas, but this is the point of web 2.0 to share with others.


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