Teaching Experience #2 – Assigned

Just as my first placement ended I got word of my next placement, it is a  primary school in a year 1/2 classroom. Zoiks! The school itself is actually a feeder school for my previous placement which is good as a) it is walking distance and b) I have probably taught the brothers and sister of these students at my last placement.

However I haven’t had much to do with juniors and if I was honest, year 1/2s are probably the age group I am least psyched about teaching. I much prefer teaching the older primary school students, where they are at the age where they aren’t quite adults but not kids either. But I think perhaps teaching juniors will force me to improve my classroom and time management skills a lot more so in that respect perhaps this placement will be good for me. I am trying to keep an open mind going into the placement because I could decide that I actually prefer being a junior school teacher by the end of it!

The school seems to be very pro ICT and the Principal has her own blog which bodes well for a social media addict like myself.

Oh and according to one of the student teachers at my last placement, the teachers at my next school are called by their first names. So I will see both sides of that coin!

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  1. I felt a bit hesitant about my junior placement and it ended up being my favourite. Different from older kids but with its own challenges and rewards. My advice (for what it is worth) – don’t forget how important parents are at that age. They can be a great help to you.


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