Weekly Reflection – In need of a holiday NOW!

26 days until the end of semester…

I’m just going to come right and say it, I need a holiday.

You might very well say that I just had school holidays. But in all honesty I didn’t have much of a chance to rest and relax as I was unit planning and assignment writing.

Now that T.E is over and done with and all the paperwork has been submitted I’m back into the world of readings, assignments and exams! Oh my!

I have two assignments due in the next week, then exams start on June 16th and between then and I have another week of lectures to get through as well.

The only problem is that I didn’t have much gas in the tank to get much work done this week. Hence why bloggage has been up this week, I’ve been wanting to reflect on my Teaching Experience and ease myself back into studying rather than having the academic equivalent of a cold shower.

It is probably to be expected that after all the excitement of Teaching Experience going back to university would be a bit of a drag. However the useful part in doing all my readings is realising how much stuff I didn’t follow when I got out into the field but also how much I did.  I guess that’s to be expected, every teacher will develop their own style of teaching.

26 days until the end of semester…

4 thoughts on “Weekly Reflection – In need of a holiday NOW!

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  1. Goodness me do I know the feeling!! Where did ya do your last prac if you don’t mind me asking? Sounds like such a positive experience being out there from your other posts.


  2. Hi Sarah,
    It was an awesome experience but since this blog is semi anonymous I’ve avoided naming the school publicly. However I would recommend to one and all that they do a prac there!

    P.S I really love your class’s blog. Such an inspiration!


  3. Fair enough, pleased you had such a great time there 🙂 I can recommend another awesome school if you need to tee up a prac!

    Thanks so much – just starting out so lovely to get positive feedback.


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