What is it I learn from my PLN?

Having inadvertently completed the first educ blog challenge, What the heck is a PLN? with my Twitter will change  you life post, I thought I would take part in the second PLN Challenge, what is is it I want to learn from my PLN?

1. What do you hope to learn more about with respect to your PLN in the coming weeks?

Being a student teacher with 6 months more in my course I am in a state of constant learning.

From @krivett1 and What ed said I am the learning of the art of inquiry and reflection in my teaching.

From @kathleen_morris and Room 8 @ Melville I’m learning how to integrate my geekery into my teaching practice.

Watching the construction of Hingaia Peninsular school on the blog has me thinking a lot about the importance of learning spaces.

Interacting with student blogs has me ‘visiting’ schools in different cities and different countries. It was wonderful to pop into @Cait_Hedge’s classroom to see the work that the children are doing on learning about new cultures. But if I want a new search, I do a twitter search #comments4kids and I have a new class to visit.

I think any future teacher should be reading the parenting blog of Autism and Oughtisms for an insight into the world of the autistic child and his family.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be looking for advice from my PLN about making effective use of my time on Teaching Experience and tips about getting my first teaching job.

2. What have you learned with creating your PLN that you wish that someone had told you before and what tips do you have to share?
I wish someone had told me about twitter! I started blogging initially as a personal reflection and a way to keep my friends up to date with my course progress. However with twitter, a whole new level of support and guidance has opened up to me. It took a while to find the education community, but now that I have I really couldn’t be without it.

6 thoughts on “What is it I learn from my PLN?

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  1. Thanks for your post! Your willingness to put yourself ‘out there’ is inspirational to other preservice teachers like me. I agree! I wish I’d been introduced Twitter earlier! I’m trying to make up for this by hooking as many other preservice teacher onto it as I can. 🙂


    1. Hi Andrea,
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I’m trying to convince other students to tweet, as it is AWESOME. But perhaps the people we need to start tweeting are our lecturers?


  2. Great post! Lots of great ideas! That is what a PLN is for. I really like this “I’m learning how to integrate my geekery into my teaching practice.” I feel like I had stepped a way from a digital life because it didn’t seem to bring anything positive, just more distraction from the real world but since beginning to develop my PLN I am so impressed with all I have learned so far.

    I love what you wrote about being able to peek in on other classrooms more. That really inspires me and makes me want to make my walls a llittle more transparent!




  3. I recently completed my training to be a school librarian. I found that a lot of the things others in my PLN were learning in daily life, I was lucky enough to get in my classes. I think one thing you’ll find is that the learning you’re doing now won’t be the end for you since you’ve built this PLN. I feel that a lot of teachers leave school and forget to keep learning themselves; you’re not going to be one of those teachers. Keep up the great work!


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