Down Under ed chat poll #DUedchat

Over twitter today @kathleen_morris, @fionagrant and I tossed around the idea of having an edchat at a time convenient for teachers in the New Zealand/Australian timezones that I floated amongst participants at the Tai Tokerau ed camp today who thought it was a great idea.

To get the ball rolling I’ve put a poll suggesting a day of the week to hold the chat, I’m also asking for topics in the comments section. I’ll keep the poll open for a week  (until July 9) and hopefully have the first chat the week after.

I also humbly suggest that we use the #DUedchat (downunder ed chat) for our hashtag.

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  1. The OZ/NZ Educators group used to meet on a Sunday night via Flash Meeting. This way they could be recorded for those that couldn’t make them as well. Was great to catch up with people and hear what was going on. The ning we used to stay in touch was but with the demise of the free ning’s it’s no longer available to view. It also meant that topics for the week were floated as well as people who would organise/run that week’s meeting.
    Looking forward to seeing how this pans out! Amanda aka heymilly


  2. Great that it’s moving already – well done! Not so sure about DU – seems a bit ‘Simpsons’ lol. Are we going to do it with questions/topics like #TTOT and #gtchat?


    1. Hi Robyn,
      I agree about the name, but didn’t want to have to decide whether Australia or nz went first in other combinations so went for something neutral but recognizable. I think questions/topics are a great idea but will need some help coming up with some.


  3. Hi Stef,

    Great initiative – I was going to vote but I’m pretty easy with any time. Maybe not Friday night or Saturday night (even though it is Saturday night now and look what I’m doing, haha).

    I’ll spread the word!



  4. I voted while on my ipad this morning and I think it went through! Showed me the answers which is generally a sign. I am pretty easy about time, I followed the #elemchat this morning but didn’t join in, as ipad not best for that. But favourited heaps to follow up on. Was on portfolios and student led conferences. Thanks for being an initiator on this down under edchat.


  5. #TTOT has a facebook page where people can make suggestions for questions then the group who run the chat choose the 6 to be tweeted. #gtchat has a poll where you can vote on the topic for the week’s chat. I quite like the idea of a topic or question/s otherwise it just becomes a bundle of maybe random tweets – mind you both of the other chats get pretty random at times 🙂


    1. Hi Robyn,
      Are you on twitter at all so that I can follow you? I think that setting up topics to chat around is a a great idea and that there should be a facebook page/wiki to get the chats organized.


  6. I voted for Tuesday – only because it’s Greys Anatomy night – and I’m kicked out of the lounge.


    Any evening’s cool – if I can make it – I’ll be there.



  7. I think this is a fantastic idea! I’m generally happy with any night, and as a relative newcomer to Twitter I hope that it will encourage me to be a bit more active! Thanks again.


    1. Hi Stefanie,
      Thanks for stopping by, I think that #edchats are great ways for you to connect with people on twitter. Hope to see you at the inaugural #DUedchat!


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