#twecon – a conference in tweet form

A hearty round of applause for @HORansome philosopher, currently completing a PhD on the epi­stem­o­logy of Conspiracy Theories, and a most excellent afternoon drinking compadre from my first university experience for his sublime organisation of the 2nd #twecon.

For those not in the know, #twecon is a conference in which anyone with a twitter account can present their ideas. Topics are highly varied however the rules of #twecon are very strict.

A paper in six tweets, one of which must be the title, each of which must be numbered consecutively and contain the hashtag  #twecon. Full details of the event including topics can be found here.

I can be a bit wordy at times so found the 840 characters a harsh word limit, but that was an important learning process as this paper went through numerous iterations.

In the spirit of brevity I hereby present my paper to the 2nd #twecon

My paper resulted in some discussions about whether the provision of education is linked to parents ability to contribute to the labour market, who the knowledge repositories within our society should be in this new paradigm and whether our perceptions of teachers, good, bad and indifferent is based on sampling errors.

Some of this discussion came from other #tweconers while some came from my twitter followers an interesting example of different spheres interacting with each other.

If you are looking for an example of education 2.0 this would be it. People coming together in the digital space and learning from each other. Very fluid and definitely driven by user content.

The only regret of this format is that there are no conference drinks afterwards. So instead I raise my glass to (the soon to be) Dr Dentith.

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