August byte counting – blogging stats and cake.

Rubber ducky your the one...

ZOMG is that August gone? This month has zipped by with lots of learning due to being out on Teaching Experience and also the awesome #educampAKL. I had expected the blog to take a rather large dip in traffic due to being out on TE, so figured aside from hitting the 10k mark the stats would be the most interesting thing I’d have to talk about.

Not only did I break 10k visits the number of visits during August went up due in part to having another post go (relatively) viral and a series of guest posts which also bring in traffic. I really enjoyed having guest posts as a way to widen the blog’s audience but that it also bought into different perspectives of teaching which has been a huge learning opportunity for me.

In grand tradition (is three times a tradition) I will share some cake porn, in this case a chocolate-peanut butter number I made for my sister’s baby shower. I stupidly volunteered to make this the day before #educampakl and after my first week of TE. Just as well there was plenty of leftovers to nom on over the weekend.

Right onwards to blog stats.

Posts: 20

Comments: 78

Page Loads: 3,636 (117 per day)

Biggest day: August 30 (364 hits)

Most commented on post: Why #wordpress is better than blogger got the techies salivating at wordpress being open source. Educating an autistic child is an opportunity had some conversation that had me having to pull out my blog moderating hat for the first time in seven months. In good news there was a wonderful response to A Student Speaks: What makes a good teacher?

Top 5 most popular posts (in order of popularity)

Top 5 Referrers
Some interesting movements here. Facebook overtook twitter as the greatest source of traffic for the month with 204 referrals compared to twitter’s 180. Google reader comes in third with 72 referrals which means I have people clicking through who have subscribed to this blog *yah* Autism and Oughtism was my fourth highest source of traffic and rounding out the top 5 was some linky love from Microsoft Office in education blog.  Hmm does the evil empire have an equivalent of the Apple Distinguished Educator? I think if a group of PC using teachers got to dress up as storm troopers for the day at Microsoft HQ would be awesome.  If anyone from Microsoft is reading, my course is done December 10 so that would be a good time for such a junket learning experience to take place.
But I digress.
Thanks again dear readers for clicking through especially to the ones who leave me comments, they really are appreciated. A slice of virtual cake is coming your way.

Coming up in September

  • The last of TE
  • Twitter tour (My holiday will be visiting with Auckland-based tweachers if I get around to organizing)
  • Job search – knock back/interview edition
  • Site visits top 15,000
  • Descending into October’s assignment madness
  • #DUedchat (last Thursday in September)
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