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September has been another huge month on the blog .  Firstly I managed to crack 15,000 hits on the blog. Considering I only managed 5,000 hits  in the first half of the year, there has been a definte pick up in the last few months. Attending events like educamps and nethui have been a real boon for readership and I’m currently averaging about 1,000 hits a week.

The NZEI for Student and Beginning Teacher Facebook page decided to give the blog some linky love which resulted in a massive surge of visitors. I’m not sure how many of them have returned but it was nice to have recognition.

Another source of traffic to this blog has come through potential employers checking out the blog. I’m always bit sheepish when someone starts talking to me about the blog in real life, most because I’m cringing at the bad writing I know is lurking in the archives. I guess that’s the point, I’m supposed to show progress, and the work seems to have paid off as I’ve secured work for next year which is awesome.

So onwards to the stats:

Posts:  18

Comments:  77

Page Loads: 4334 (144 hits a day)

Biggest day: September 30 (312 hits) though I had another big day September 12 (308 hits) after the NZEI linky love.

Most commented on post: I was stunned by how many supportive and wonderful comments I had from my How Twitter helped me land my first teaching job! and The challenge of teaching literacy when you have #dyslexia posts. Yah for having an awesome online community to be a part of!

Top 5 most popular posts (in order of popularity):

Top 5 Referrers:
Twitter is back out in front with 329 referrals while Facebook comes in next with 239 referrals. Google has moved up into 3rd place with 96 referrals, The Hand Mirror has bounced back  into the top 5 with 36 hits. MyPortfolio had 20 referrals a apparently a portfolio page I created for a job application has been shown to some powers that be as an example of best practice!

Coming up in October:

  • Assignments, assignments and just for fun, more assignments.
  • Hopefully this blog with crack 20,000 hits!
  • Exam stress
So thanks dear readers for clicking through have a cookie.  Nom, nom, nom!

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  1. I must look them up when I am back in the mood for baking and not studying. I checked out the portfolio link but it seems it doesn’t take ‘individuals’ and that you have to be aligned with a school. Have I read it right?


    1. Hi Carol,
      Yes you are right you must be aligned with a school but registration (for schools) is free at the moment. The University on the Hill could come online if they wanted to.



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