The most beautiful school in the world: Remarkables Primary

I had forgotten how beautiful Queenstown was until I ventured down over the weekend and stumbled upon the most beautiful school on the planet just a few blocks away from where I used to live. So join in me in a spot of edu-tourism blogging.

School on the lake (photo by author)

Remarkables Primary is nestled into the shore of lake Wakatipu, one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. In so many countries a public school on a piece of land so stunning would be unthinkable. The land would have long since have been on-sold to developers to build a high-end hotel. In fact there’s a Hilton literally the next bay over from the school.

Remarkables primary is aptly named (photo by author)

Unfortunately the weather was a bit dreary and my photography a bit too mediocre to capture how stunning Remarkables school and surrounding scenery are.

Remarkables school with mountains in view (photo by author)

Remarkables Primary takes it name from the mountain range overlooking Queenstown. There’s a ski field on the other side of the mountains. When I went to school in Queenstown, our weekly Physical Education classes were ski classes on one of the local ski fields.

View into the school yard (photo by author)

What I love about the design of the school is the way it folds into the sloping bank of the lake. The roof is a living roof which is open for students to play on during breaks.

Living roof - Remarkables School (photo by author)

The only downside is that school is so close to Queenstown Airport that you can see the pilots picking their nose on final approach.

Plane over school (photo by author)

But the payoff is that you get to look at this from windows on one side of your classroom:

View out classroom onto shores of lake Wakatipu (photo by author)

And have the mountains on the other side.

School yard looking out towards the Remarkables (photo by author)

I can’t think of a more beautiful place in the world to be a school student.

Anyone up for organizing an EducampQtn?

6 thoughts on “The most beautiful school in the world: Remarkables Primary

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Makes you wish you could teach there too! I love the South Island and especially Queenstown and want to also comment on the great job you do in your blog of drawing in the readers – like me!
    All the best for your prep for the new job too!


  2. Yes I have to agree this is one of the most beautiful schools in the country. May I also suggest some schools on the West coast that have stunning views and some of the biggest adventure playgrounds to explore.


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