October byte counting – Blog Stats time

Nothing better than bread out of the oven...

October has been another big month on the blog with almost exactly the same number of visitors as September.

I managed to crack 20,000 visitors and now am having in excess of 1,000 page loads a week.

Study-wise this month has been mostly about assignments and exams though I did have fun making some sour-dough ciabatta for Science Week.

Posts: 15

Comments: 38

Page Loads: 4333 (140 hits per day)

Biggest day:  October 24 (242 hits). No idea why I had a big day that day.

Most commented on post: A quiet month comment-wise. CV writing tips for Beginning Teachers gained the most comments with Back channeling: How I am attending #ulearn11 in my PJs having an interesting discussion.

Top 5 most popular posts (in order of popularity)

Top Referrers
Twitter is way out in front with 200 hits. Facebook had a big drop off with 200 hits. Google was next 80 hits followed by Facebook with 30 hits.
Coming up in November: 

  • Exams!
  • Moving cities
  • More study

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