Weekly Reflection: Finish line in sight

Finish line (or the straits of Malacca) in sight (photo by another backpacker)

This post marks my 40th weekly reflection. If this course was pregnancy, I’d be passing out eviction notices about now.

This week really does feel like the beginning of the end of my teaching studies. Tomorrow marks my last exam and after the exam I’ve got a professional practice paper and then I’ll have officially finished my teaching qualification!

The last few weeks really have been a grind of churning out exams and assignments however the hard work seems to have paid off as the lowest grade I’ve received this semester is B+. However it’s inevitable that my grades will be dragged down as I find exams extremely difficult to complete.  I  pity the poor markers of my papers trying to make sense of my scrawled essays and diagrams.

Nevertheless all I’m after is a passing grade so I’m trying to stay positive that I haven’t tripped up just a few weeks before the end of the year. I’m sure in a few months time  I’ll be wondering why I didn’t savour my last few weeks of being able to sloth in my PJs till noon on a weekday study when the alarm starts going off at 5.30 each morning. But I’m really looking forward to my adventures next year.

Next week I start operation ‘deep south’ to get my meager possessions and I relocated to the capital. On Tuesday I’m heading down to Wellington to find a flat and checking out the new school for next year. I’ve yet to met anyone from the new school in real life so it will be very cool to put some faces to avatars.

Watch out Wellington, I’m back after a 20 year absence.

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  1. This week really does feel like the beginning of the end of my teaching studies.

    Or maybe the end of the beginning? I suspect that you will be one of those teachers who continues to reflect on and improve her teaching practice, year after year.


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