My edublog nominations – Down Under edition

This blog has been in existence for less than a year however I still am going to do my part by putting in some nominations for the Edublog awards. These awards celebrate all the great stuff educators are doing with social media. I  think there’s great stuff happening in New Zealand and Australia so I’m going to indulge in some geographic nepotism in my nominations for 2011 Edublog awards.

Best individual blogIntegrating technology Kathleen’s energy and enthusiasm for blogging is infectious. She is hands down the nicest person on the internet. and knows her stuff.

Best individual tweeter – @mgraffin  Setting up the #globalclassroom initiative makes you a star.

Best group blogInquire within fascinating, thought provoking  a must-read. Although not technically a downunder blog as there are people blogging from around the world, @whatedsaid’s involvement means I can give it a plug.

Best class blog –  Learning hub 3 has a cracker of a class blog and they even put up with me having a nose around their space.

Best student blog –  Jarrod’s awesome blog Jarrod blogs like a pro and he’s only year 2! Go Jarrod.

Best teacher blog –  e-learning 2011 is a must read. Krivett1 is always such a wonderful source of sound advice I consider her my virtual Associate Teacher.

Best School Administrator blog – I’m taking that to mean anyone with principals somewhere in their job title and hereby nominate Open learning spaces which deserves a wide audience.

Best educational use of videoRoom 8 @ Melville  have been a long-time favourite blog of mine for their use video.  I’m sure the students I teacher next year will be learning so much from you.

Best educational wikiRuma Tahi wiki is amazing I especially loved their end of week wrap ups.

Best open PD / unconference / webinar series – the Educamps, I only made two but they were awesome.

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