November byte counting – Blog Stats

Cake and photo by author (why yes I'm a good person to be friends with)

It’s now December which means I have just 1 week of this course to go. ZOMG 1 week, 1 assignment and I’m done.

Can I get a whoop while I hand out some cake?

Let’s go for some spiced chai with honey ginger cream this time? Nom, nom, nom.

In the mean time there are blog stats to devour.

November has been a huge month for the blog, busiest yet with on average 1,000 hits a week (though last week it was nearly 1,300!) and I passed the magic milestone of 25,000 visits.  There have also been lots of comments and I’ve had contact by people who actually read the website wanting to quote stuff I’ve written.

It all seems a bit surreal as I’m convinced most of the stuff I write is pretty bad (realizing that one of your most popular posts of the month has a typo in the title when you are putting together blog stats is not a good look). But blogging has also been pretty cool experiment. I had no idea when I started this blog people would actually want to read it, comment or even quote me on it.

I wouldn’t still be here rambling if it wasn’t for all the readers out there who suffer through my inane and sometimes whiny ramblings so thank you to you all  especially the people who have taken the time to comment. I want to give you all a hug and slice of cake.

Right on to the stats.

Posts: 15

Comments: 76

Page Loads: 4,491 (150 hits a day)

Biggest day: 22 November (244 hits) just beat out 10 November (240 hits)

Most commented on post: When fear extinguishes innovation – new teachers and social media generated the most comments. However there were interesting comments in The Right Tools for Writing? and The right personality for teaching? posts.  Some lovely comments when I wonder whether to stop blogging (thanks PLN).

Top 5 most popular posts (in order of popularity)

Top Referrers
Wordpress has now started collecting search engines as one giant term which is now my biggest source of referrals (755 hits). Twitter still beats out facebook in terms of social media referrals. While the Registered Teacher Criteria Wiki generated a bit of traffic through some linky love.

Coming up in December:

  • I’m finished
  • Done
  • Doing the happy dance

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  1. Hi Stephanie

    I have been bad. I should have let you know. I actually sent a link to your blog to all the lit people on TKI! I just loved your blog on “is writing outdated?” and I wanted them to see it. If you are not on the list you can join through TKI. Keep blogging!


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