January Byte Counting – Blog stats

Welcome back to byte counting, 2012. I didn’t keep much in the way of stats in December but had my busiest day ever on December 6 with 923 hits after the charter schools went (by my standards) viral. Despite only starting posting from January 23,  I had a reasonably large amount of traffic considering it was the school holidays.

I’m found interesting how much of my incoming traffic these days is from blog searches and also from the the Registered Teacher Criteria Wiki. I didn’t realize my ramblings had now become a source of information for people but there you go.

Onwards to the stats:

Posts: 5

Comments: 63

Page Loads: 3,993 (129 hits per day)

Biggest day: 25 January (427 hits)

Most commented on post:  Very interesting conversation in the Six weeks teacher training? Our neediest kids deserve better than that.

Top 5 most popular posts (in order of popularity)

Top Referrers
Search engines are way out in front with over 1,800 referrals. Facebook generated over 200 visitors to the blog this month while the Registered Teacher Criteria Wiki, best new education blogs and http://www.everybody.co.nz/ generated a bit of traffic through some linky love.

Coming up in February:

  • Teaching, teaching and more teaching!
  • I crash through 40,000 hit mark. Wow I was so happy when I managed to make it to 4,000 hits!

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