The post in which I come out as an Apple Groupie

Oh dear the I suspect I will be the subject of much public humiliation both on the blog and via twitter for this post.

But here goes.

Despite my love of social networking and the fact I am pretty much almost always online, I actually run a very low-fi operation. My laptop is five years old and it is a little known fact that contacting me via cellphone is actually the least reliable form of contacting me. I’ll check  twitter, facebook and my email in that order almost any time I’m near a computer however my cellphone is frequently sitting at home under my bed with the batteries having long run out of charge.

But then there have been times when cellphones do come in handy. For instance an iphone got me out of a rather sticky situation in China where a lack of transit visa at Harbin airport was saved by my travelling companion at the time  showing the border guard an expedia ticket on his gmail account as proof of onward ticket.  However in general I just don’t see the point of cellphones. In fact I would got as far as to say that not having a cellphone is an excellent way to strike conversations with people but I digress.

Last week something awful happened that rocked me to my very core.

I had no internet at home for nearly 5 days.

To put this occurrence into perspective the longest I’ve gone without internet since I first got online back in 1997 was 7 days and that was because I was in North Korea. I check my social networking feeds at least 3-4 times a day so to be without internet at home was, well, on par with BEING IN NORTH KOREA FOR A WEEK.

Which can only explain why I am now the owner of sparkly new iphone 4s.

Yes me, the same blogger who decreed apple worship as nothing but a status symbol, now has an iphone. And not just any iphone but the 4s. Yes I probably just used a sledge hammer to swot a fly as all I really wanted was a device I could tether to the internet but it is a little known fact that 4s actually means for ‘for Steph.’ Because now that I finally have one of these devices to call my own, I’ve had the biggest geek epiphany since I got online back in 1997.

Mobile devices are indeed not just a way to access the internet on the go, but those amazing augmented reality apps and QR codes really do change our conceptions of physical space. I wish every kid in my class could have some sort of mobile device and imagine how all the cool stuff we could do in a classroom where the walls could come to life with video and audio files or just a view of the universe. As it is, a few of my kids were absolutely entranced with sky view and I’m now determined to find out as much about this type of learning as I can.

In the meantime I will ask Siri to remind me about updating my blog when I get home tonight..

And why yes I have my iphone resting on my window every night with $5 and a picture of Steve Jobs for my daily worship of the awesomeness that is this device.

Let the mocking and app recommendations begin.

7 thoughts on “The post in which I come out as an Apple Groupie

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  1. My son is in Year 9 and all Year 7s and 9s at his school have just been issued with iPads. The Year 11s still got netbooks. Husband has a Macbook, iPhone and iPad (all work supplied) and I have a MacBook (my own). I am getting an iPhone as soon ask my current contract expires.


  2. I discovered the delirious need for the overly priced Apple iphone at the Learning@schools conference. Being able to connect, store, sort, collate, and collaborate instantly was divine.
    I was however using my daughters Ipod touch – it was wonderful that I could connect to the WiFi and tweet instantly, check facebook and use all sorts of apps and do all sorts of connecting, collaborating and recording as and when needed.

    Why Apple, because I did have an android when they first hit the market and the apps where not that successful especially Angrybirds and the quality was frustrating. I looked into assistive technologies for learning in a research project and Apple Apps won hands down. Appe Apps are easy and normally work well, with little frustration involved unlike the Androids I have experienced. My sons 2nd generation Touch had great Apps that I tried to replicate on the android and they just did not work and yet his technology was older, however more effective and stable??.

    So for me my treat for graduating (when I win that elusive position) is going to be and Apple iPhone 4s and my main reason – so I can list my tweets and keep up-to-date with all the wonderful learning and read all the gorgeous blogs and never get lost again in the city.

    PS- why I’m at it does anyone have a graduation gown for sale??


    1. Hi Sandy
      Yep that was pretty much my graduation present for myself even though I’m still getting paid at the unpaid rate. I think android has improved in leaps and bounds but am finding this device hugely addictive.



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