Find time to blog – aka content management

Clocks in Praha by magro_kr used under creative commons licence

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I can possibly find time to write lengthy posts at such a crazy time of year for teachersespecially those new to the profession.

I’m going to let you on a little secret.

I’m not finding that much time to blog at this time of the year. A lot of my content at the moment is stuff I wrote months earlier.

That post I wrote on Accountability was actually one I had written about National Standards way back in November.  The Six Weeks Teacher Training post? I started writing that back in August last year as a result of a news story but I wasn’t happy with the post as it was so reworked it and waited until another news story come up on the scheme.

And sure enough it did.

The reason I do this is that I’m the sort of person who writes in spurts.

I’ve got 70 or so posts languishing about in draft form. Those posts may be anything from a few words or sentences through to a more substantive piece. Unless a specific event has really got me fired up, most of my posts start of as little snippets of ideas or paragraphs that get worked and re-worked until they are something that I am happy publishing. I may sit on posts for a few months and only hit publish when I see a news story of relevance to the content of the post. This is perhaps quite devious but I’ve long been of the opinion that  just because you can hit publish doesn’t always mean you should.

I find it far easier to write a little bit about a whole variety of topics rather than force myself to write on story from start to finish in a few hours.  Even my Weekly Reflection is often the result of me thinking and re-working through ideas over the course of the week.  On Sunday I will publish my reflection and schedule 1-2 posts that appear through the week and then unless I see a news story of relevance, I’ve got my content sorted for the week.

This is why I enjoy blogging so much.

I control what I write about, when and what I decide to share with the world. I always feel a bit sad when I hit publish on a post I’ve been working on for a few months. Because while I am working on it, the content has a life and a soul but once it’s out in the world its like I know longer own it. The post might get a bit of further life through comments for the next few days but after that,  all those hours of work disappear into the the ether.

Oh dear how pretentious I must be sounding. A frustrated creative type.  But I’ve just given you a snippet of what goes on under the hood of my blog. Suffice to say, there’s a lot of tinkering.

So for those of you who stand in awe of the amount of content I seem to generate even when I’m busy with teaching  rest assured most of it is more geekiness than me sitting down to write lengthy rants a few times a a week.

3 thoughts on “Find time to blog – aka content management

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  1. Stephanie
    Still very impressive! It is a busy time of year. I hardly have time to read blogs, let alone write posts. Hopefully it will quieten a little soon and I can refocus.


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