February Byte Counting – Blog Stats time

Photo and cake by author

ZOMG is that February done and dusted? Even with the extra day the month just seemed to zoom by. That may be because I’ve started teaching and therefore and am absolutely run off my feet.  I did have time to bake a colleague a baby shower cake which tasted a whole lot better than it looked.

February was a big month for blogging. I broke through the, can you believe it, 40,000 hits barrier and had the highest number of hits per day in its history.  I now average over 1,000 hits a week which is pretty good for a little teaching blog.

Right onwards to the stats;

Posts: 12

Comments: 65

Page Loads: 5,102 (176 hits per day)

Biggest day: 14 February (308 hits)

Most commented on post: Analogue Teacher Education = Digital Teacher?

Top 5 most popular posts (in order of popularity)

Top Referrers

Coming in March 

More teaching and spending time on a social media reference group.

Previous byte counting:

Mid-January through to end of June

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