March Byte Counting – Blog stats

So it’s April and I’m waaaaaaaaaaaay behind on my blog stats not to mention actually posting actual content on my blog. I’ve had a few posts but feel that I’m kind of losing my blogging mojo. On the other hand, I’ve set up 28 individual blogs for my students, had my first set of learning conferences and wrote my first set of learning statements. So a quiet month blogging wise. On to the stats.

Posts: 8

Comments: 49

Page Loads: 5, 241 (169 hits per day)

Biggest day: March 22( 318 hits)

Most commented on post: Enough with the super teacher meme economists

Top 5 most popular posts (in order of popularity)

Enough with the superhero teacher meme economists!(475 hits)

Why #wordpress is better than blogspot (404 hits)

Are teachers born or made? (290 hits)

Should students call teachers by their first names? (250 hits)

Money, Motivation and Teachers! Oh my! (202 hits)

Top Referrers

Coming up in April

Holidays! Ignition! Squee!

Previous byte counting:

Mid-January through to end of June

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