Weekly Reflection: Still on a high from #ignition2012

ZOMG I’m still totally buzzing from ignition.

After I returned home on Thursday, I spent the last  two three days at school getting things ready. I’ve done a brief rearrange of my furniture and am starting to do some work on the daily 5. However I’m sure the current set-up won’t last long as during the first session the kids are doing a ‘hack our learning space.’ I’m looking forward to the session and thanks @annekenn for suggesting to take the students on they journey.

I’m feeling a lot more positive about the term ahead. Last term I felt a bit like I was sailing into the unknown, not knowing the kids, the school (every institution is different) and I had a lot to learn about teaching. Student teaching is definitely a whole lot different than PRT teaching and obviously teaching in New Zealand is a whole lot different from Korean schools.

@chrisclaynz The power of more than one

@taratj Looking forward to basics  and Vroom – my top ten from #ignition2012

@netsafemartin Ignition conference highlights challenges for ICT in Education

@stephentpk Finally a starting point for this blog

And finally two offerings from moi a reflection from the event as well as my Ignition talk.

Sorry for the short reflection. Over the next few weeks I will be posting how I’ve implemented ideas of the event into my classroom.

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