Blog stats June

Is it that the time already? April marked two big blog monuments. This blog has surpassed 50,000 hits last saturday and I’ve now published my 200 post. The 200th post was the text to my ignition talk Aborted Landings, Airsick Bags and… Teaching?  My post rate has definitely gone down in the last month or two. I’m hoping that I might be able to do more over the next few months as I find so much to rant about but just do not have the time.

Posts: 8

Comments: 30

Page Loads: 4,349 (169 hits per day)

Biggest day: April 12( 145  hits)

Most commented on post: Tips for surviving your first term of teaching*

Why #wordpress is better than blogspot 230
Are teachers born or made? 219
Should students call teachers by their first names? 201
Why we shouldn’t be celebrating a ‘return’ to the status quo 112
Let them use Crayons? #eduignite #welly 106

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Coming up in May

Graduation, a few how to posts and perhaps some renewed blogging mojo.

Previous byte counting:

Mid-January through to end of June


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