Weekly Reflection: What does your timetable say about learning?

I decided to have a bit of a change in my daily routine. For most of the year I’ve been trying to go the gym after work. I saying trying to because in reality most nights I was too knackered and put workouts in the too hard basket. I decided to switch to the first thing in the morning which means getting up an hour earlier to go to the gym.

Going to the gym in the morning had an almost instant effect. Once I got over the shock to the system of getting up an hour earlier (which for me is now 5am), I realized that by putting off exercise until the end of the day I was letting slide down the order of importance to the point where it could slide off the agenda all together more often than not. If I had energy great, but if not the couch beckoned.By getting early, way early, I ensured that no matter what happened I always got my workout in.

This change in routine got me thinking about the routines that make up most primary schools. Literacy tends to be first thing in the morning, maths then the arts/topic in the afternoon.

By placing certain activities up first on regular basis, whether it be literacy or the gym, you give it importance, you give it emphasis. You know whatever goes through the day, that activity gets checked off the to do list.

What does it say to our learners that they never do maths in the afternoon, only learn to read in the morning not start the day off with art?

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