Not all kids look forward to summer holidays

As teachers are busy finishing off final reports and bits of assessment there’s a temptation to be in countdown for the end of year holiday. Today I was reminded that not all kids relish the idea of six weeks away from school. Is it because my teaching is so awesome? Well no. For some kids life at home isn’t always pleasant.

  • Some kids will spend their holidays being ferried between Mum’s place and Dad’s place.
  • Some kids will spend their holidays looking after younger siblings while their parents work.
  • Some kids won’t be ripping into presents at Christmas.
  • Some kids will spend their holidays listening to the sounds of domestic abuse.
  • Some kids will worry if their parents have enough money to make rent that week.
  • Some kids will spend their holidays not knowing where they will be living or where they will be going to school next year.

For those of us blessed with good luck we can’t possibly imagine why anyone would fear holidays. Yet for some students holidays are anxious times. As we are busying making our holiday plans it is so easy to forget that school represents a safe, calm and caring space for some kids.

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  1. Last year I was lucky enough to be involved in teaching at a low decile school for two weeks in the holidays. We taught Literacy and Maths! The children were given certificates at the end of their two week scholarship program and every child was so proud to have completed it. Many of these children got themselves to school every day by 8 am! The day didn’t begin until 9am! It just proves how much some child appreciate the positive routine that school gives them.


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