Weekly Reflection: The hard way

Unit plan 1.0

As the term wears on I’ve been moving my class on from culture-building through to getting learning programmes started. Our unit of inquiry for the first half of the year is on globalization

Globalization there’s so many ways the class could go with this concept. At the start of the term I had lots of mad ideas and in the process of trying to get some sort of unit plan together I kept back to this idea of being less helpful.

Was it up to me to tell the kids what roads to go down?  Were the roads I was missing?

So I started loosely.

A simple provocation, the overview effect.

What 10 things would you send out into space to represent ‘spaceship earth.’

It’s a question the class will return to at the end of this unit.

As I looked around the class some groups took to the open question with relish, others needed support and a few were floundering. They were waiting for some to tell them what to do and what to think. As a teacher I wanted to make it easier, but I kept back wanting to embrace the mess.

The class will probably spend a few weeks floating above our planet before delving down into different layers.

It wil be hard work both mentally and physically. Perhaps a worksheet or the typical route of finding out about country or designing their own flag might have  been easier but not nearly so rewarding both for me but more importantly for my students.

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