Using Improv in the Classroom #ade2013

My moment of notoriety at the Apple Institute so it seemed fitting that the first new thing I would implement in the classroom was improv. I had fun during the sessions and decided that most of my kids would enjoy it too so decided to give it a go.

We started in pairs with the 1,2,3 game followed by the actions. Because there was an odd number of kids in the class, I ended up buddying up with a student which made it hard to record moments but was great to use bonding with the class.

Next up we tried the yes, and game. I put myself right into the firing line by modelling this improv line with one of my students dying a gruesome death over the course of the story.

We had a go at yes, but as a try at shutting down conversations before finally hitting the story time.

The students were thrilled and even my shy kids were having fun taking risks and playing the games. What impressed me most was how quickly the students wanted to adapt the number of players and even the spine of the story to make up a new game.

As part of the reflection on the activity I had the kids think about how improv could be used to help with their learning. Immediately could link it through to literacy and that they could tell better stories. It was disappointing how many of the students didn’t recognise that we were in the Arts and that creative expression was a valid learning area in and of itself moreover the activity helped develop their team skills through working with different members of the class.

It’s amazing how trying something new can shine a light on the shortcomings of previous practices.

3 thoughts on “Using Improv in the Classroom #ade2013

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  1. I really like the idea of using improv in the my classroom, but it’s not something I have ever really tried before. I love using drama in my classroom (my class this year are all budding actors and screenwriters!) but hadn’t really thought about using it in a less structured way. Will definitely be trying it out next term.

    Thanks for the idea!


  2. Thanks Stephanie. I like your final statement about learning something new. Even this old dog can, and does, learn new tricks.
    I’d love you to blog more about your improv ideas and give a bit more detail on what they are and how they work.


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