Weekly Reflection: Keeping the ship afloat

Ship / Boat / Green
Image used under creative commons licence

It was one of those weeks where I felt the burn. Despite spending a weekend at school I didn’t felt like I had accomplished much and sure enough this week passed in haze. Every day this week I had something on after school except for Friday where I planned with my team until 5.

Thursday was one of those days where an avalanche of activity descended from the heavens. I didn’t stop from the time I got to school at 7.20 until I left after at 6pm. Interruptions, school photos, visitors, an overseas Skype call to the director of a documentary we watched the week previously as well as functions before and after school. I would like to say there was quality teaching going on but in reality this week was one where I was just trying to keep the ship afloat. There were no reading or maths groups this week as assessments and interruptions took their toll on my classroom programme.

Yet despite feeling anything but a super-teacher this week there was a ray of sunshine in my week. Just before morning tea on Friday I looked at my class working on their assembly and was amazed to see how engaged and focused the students were. The energy in the room was amazing. Students where organising shoots, admiring new tools and giving feedback to each other. Nobody was off task. It’s one of those moments where you grab your phone to video that magic. I quickly realised that it didn’t matter that my literacy groups hadn’t gone as planned this week. Reading and writing scripts, directing movies, our preparations for assembly would be my literacy programme for the week.

Purpose + authenticity = awesome learning

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