What are your 11 before 11 #11before11

@matt_odowda recently put out the idea on twitter – What are 11 experiences kids should have in school before they reach the age of 11 that will never forget.

While my students have turned 11, I still have 11 magic experiences that I hope the kids won’t forget during their time with me at intermediate.

1. Make your own bread and eat it
Fermentation has been around for thousands of years but kids still get a kick out of it. Any science that you can eat is always going to be a winner but the warm bread on a cold winter day = winning combination.

2.Take apart a machine.
The best way to learn how something works is to break it.

3. Spend time blowing bubbles
As a team building activity nothing really beats blowing bubbles. Bubbles are like memories, they can disappear really quickly unless you find a way to catch them.

4. Make an igloo out of milk bottles

Bonus points if the igloo collapses during class time.


5. Abseil down a 25 meter cliff

Whether you conquer your fear of heights or get rained out camps are something kids still talk about 20 years later.

6. Give a speech that matters

Instead of going on a tour rock up to parliament to give a speech infront of a dozen MPs, media and members of the public.


7. Be part of a team
Athletics day, getting dressed up. Feeling the thrill of victory or of defeat. Legends are made on the sports field.

8. Make a kick-butt assembly
Celebrate with a shared lunch where you attempt to mix junk food genres.

9. Write a play, perform it with your mates
Seriously what can be more awesome than doing a take of Spaceballs, the best movie ever for 12 year olds, in front of the whole school.

10. Decorate cupcakes and then sell them
Cupcake decorating = awesome. Nothing like raising money for an worthy cause from the school community from something that you’ve made.

11. Eat iceblooks on a sunny day
It’s a stinking hot summer day. Why sit inside a hot sticky classroom when you can eat iceblocks outside in the shade with a good book?


What 11 moments would you like your kids to take away from school?

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  1. Take your turn at making tea/coffee for the teachers, being careful not to let the milk boil over, and deliver it to the classrooms on a tray. I really loved doing this when I was 10 (it was a small school by today’s standards)


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