Weekly Reflection – Gone Quiet

It’s been almost a month between posts.

Over the last few weeks of term school production gradually took over my life. By the end of term I could barely think much less write something resembling a coherent blog post.

This is not to say that production was all bad. I enjoyed teaching dance, finally got my head around final cut pro and created some awesome effects for the show. The kids relished the chance to perform and I had that proud teacher moment of seeing my students up on stage being awesome.

However being the resident AV geek has its drawbacks. Putting together music, movies and images for 110 minute show while also trying to teach full-time was not a good combination. Instead of feeling exuberant, as I normally do at the end of a creative project, I wanted to curl up in bed for a week.

And that’s pretty much what I did during school holidays.

For the first time in two years I haven’t travelled away from Wellington for a conference. It would be an understatement to say I’ve had a pretty good run of PD this year. On one level I was glad for the break, but on the other, the frenzy of tweets from ulearn made me a little envious of all the marvellous connections and MAGIC that comes from being in the same room with your virtual staffroom.

So I find this a very slow start into the final term of 2013. I’m hoping this post will re-ignite blogging as I’ve got a number of posts running around in my head.

This term I’m looking forward to

Makey Makey magic (hopefully with other classes)

Organising Market Day

Walking with my students to squash

Finishing up a special year-long project

I’m not looking forward to

Saying goodbye to my Year 8s and their families. I’ve taught these students for 2 years and have witnessed some amazing growth in these kids. While I appreciate it’s time for the students to move on the urge to blubber will be there at that final assembly.

One thought on “Weekly Reflection – Gone Quiet

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  1. Great post. I think there were lots of teachers out there who felt just like you at the beginning of the holidays. Term
    3 seemed way longer than 9 weeks.
    Inspiration will be back in full force once school starts again tomorrow! Enjoy term 4 and that special time with your year 8’s. Totally understand I still keep in contact with lots of mine.


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