Weekly Reflection: Connections

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Learning knows no borders.

One of the joys of living in Singapore is that people come to visit. In space of 3 months I have enjoyed more visits here than I did in my entire 4 years in Korea.I would be vain to say that they were coming to visit me. Along with being a major hub for Asia a number of large conferences occur in Singapore.

This week I had the pleasure of finally meeting @NZWaikato in person.

We’ve been interacting online together for a number of years through blogging (including the epic minecraft maths project last year) and twitter but had never been in the same room together until this week.

My students already knew NZWaikato through blogging and were excited that someone was coming to visit them because of our blog.

I suggested to the kids that we follow with maori tradition and sing a song to welcome our visitors to our school.

Many of the children already speak two languages in addition to learning either Chinese or French at school so had no qualms about learning a song in a different language. So I stuck to an easy waiata, te aroha.

What was really special was to see the looks on my students faces as the visitors and I responded to their waiata with our own song.

The next day I could still hear te aroha being hummed through the classroom.

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  1. It was a pleasure to meet you too Stephanie after several years of collaborating, and I only wish that I had planned the visit more carefully beforehand. It was a little disconcerting for me to have students thank me personally for leaving comments and having interaction. I have been leaving comments for many years, literally thousands of comments but its really the first time has thanked me in person. Your class was a pleasure to visit and I am so thrilled for you for your recognition for your success.
    Mr Webb.


  2. I came looking for your blog Stephanie to see what you have been up to and tears were in my eyes reading this entry. Just wish I could have joined +nzwaikato. But hopefully soon I will be over there too for a visit. What an amazing way to share being kiwi with your own class.

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