2014 in review 14 posts from 2014 3/365 #blogaday

WordPress puts together an annual report for its user. According to the report:

  • I published 38 posts (half of the previous year)
  • There were 93,000 page views
  • March 3rd was my busiest day with 1,096 views
  • Sunday was my most popular day to post
  • Facebook and Twitter were the main sources of traffic
  • Most visitors come from the United States

    Click here to see the complete report.

    Most of my popular posts are from previous years so I’m going to follow a tradition and list my top 14 posts from the previous years.

    1. 10 tips for first year teachers (January)
    2. From knowledge to action (February)
    3. On being someone’s worst teacher… (March)
    4. Making time to share (April)
    5. 10 things I learned from 10 years of blogging (April)
    6. Who needs to be tuning in? (April)
    7. Play to your strength (May)
    8. A lesson in effective communication (July)
    9. Where are you from? (August)
    10. What is the Big Idea (Friday)? (September)
    11. Google Challenges – Information literacy old and new (September)
    12. How do you learn if you aren’t a connected educator? (October)
    13. Power of provocation (October)
    14. From assembly to maker faire… (November)
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