10 tweets that add value 5/365

@whatedsaid ponders what types of tweets that don’t add value.

The beauty of Twitter is that if you find someone isn’t adding value to your timeline, you can unfollow them. I’ve unfollowed some edu rock stars after just a few days yet followed unknown tweeters for years. This medley of educators keeps my timeline alive and learning reinvigorated.

What tweets add value to your experience of Twitter?

  1. An idea. Some of the best ideas are ones that are less than 140 characters.
  2. A response to another person’s idea.
  3. Links to new content you’ve created. A few words explains why the content is worth a click is worthwhile too.
  4. Links to content that provoked your thinking. A few words explaining why you’ve tweeted the link adds value to the share.
  5. Quick snapshots of learning especially inside classrooms.
  6. Authentic opportunities to collaborate; conferences, events, chats either online or offline.
  7. A shout out to follow a person that you genuinely feel adds value to your learning.
  8. An ungoogleable question.
  9. Conference back channels where tweets give way to conversations.
  10. Offers of help and support during times of trouble. #eqnz was always reassuring when the ground shook in the middle of the night,

    What have I missed?

3 thoughts on “10 tweets that add value 5/365

Add yours

  1. Something amusing or witty, ‘though I guess this falls under 1. An idea.

    Along the same lines, something personal(ish) that links people to a community, such as a photo of a just-made cake, or some vegies picked from your own garden, or a sandcastle at the beach. Not an educational or professional tweet, but something that grows community and connections.


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