Mid-year start of school activities 11/365

Of all the changes that I’ve experienced in the last year, the one I struggle with the most is moving into the northern hemisphere school year.

No longer do Christmas decorations signal the start of a long holiday, farewelling of current students and looking towards welcoming a new group of students.

Instead I spent most of December willing my brain to stay sharp in class and plan for the next term.

Being an international school, there is a high amount of pupil turnover at this time of year as students move on to different places and new ones arrive. Even when I’ve taught students over multiple years, I’ve noticed that each class I’ve taught has its own personality.

With so many new faces, I’m treating this as a new class. I will spend a lot of next week reestablishing not re-establishing old rules but bringing together a set of individual children into a cohesive learning unit.

School photo scavenger hunt. Rather than the usual teacher-led tour the kids will get creative while the new children learn the layout of our school.

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