Visual silhouettes – provoking conversation at learning conferences 15/365

Over this week the kids have been working on a visual goal to represent their ‘word’ for the term.

The word was chosen from the IB learner profile or an attitude from the PYP tree. First I asked the kids to think about how they could show this word using only their shadows. I then took a picture of the child in front of a plain background with a contrasting colour to the child.


The kids then made a word cloud of the word using Tagul and downloaded the photo.


The children then used the instant alpha tool to remove the background and played around with the lighting levels on their photo until they ended up with the final product.


These will be displayed as a group in the classroom during learning conferences to provoke discussion. Parents will first have to look to find their child amongst the shadows of others. There is then a discussion about how they made the word, why did the child choose that word before using the classroom iPads to make a visual response.

The environment becomes a provocation for a conversation about learning and opportunity to create together.

Art provokes us to think and act…

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