Classroom iPads one week in 17/365

It’s been one week since my class received a set of iPads to use in the classroom. We’d been relying on a bookable set of iPads but having the devices in the classroom has made them so much better.

Students have developed a sense of ownership over the devices. A strong essential agreement was an integral part of the process. The kids are aware that if they want to use the iPads they need to makes sure they are charged and if anything happens to their device they will be the ones missing out.

The can create quickly. This week has been mostly about exploring ‘show what you know’ apps. Skitch, keynote, doodle cast, Post it Plus have all been utilized. The children are now starting to utilize app combos to further enhance their learning.

They can share and browse learning. All the kids have signed into their accounts to access drive, blogger and easy blogger junior. Flickr has quickly become a favorite of children and parents at home to view our class in action.

After a week, it’s been fantastic to see the kids become more competent and confident users.

I wonder what they will create next?

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