After #28daysofwriting how about #31daysofcommenting ?

My challenge to write a blog post a day over the next year was in response to a problem. I was not longer creating content, merely consuming it. I think part of the reason I backed away from blogging in the last few years is that the number of comments I received have  say hi, “I’m reading you and I like what you are doing.”

Despite primarily writing for myself, I still like getting comments on my blog. Apparently the notifications that one receives from social media trigger the same hormone in the brain when you get a hug. Perhaps that is why many bloggers have found themselves less inclined to create, it has always been the interaction we crave. These days with twitter, pintrest, google plus and facebook we have so many ways to connect in short bursts that we no longer need spend time developing content to interact with network.

But our networks can also challenge us to do better. I’m really impressed by how many bloggers have been inspired into creating again thanks to Tom Barrett’s 28daysofwriting challenge and glad to be joining a community of bloggers again.  However’s there’s a danger that after the initial euphoria we will sink back habits.  Let’s keep that creativity going! After spending February writing how about instead of a lazy retweet or share how about making March the month of comment love? What say you #28daysofwriting crowd?

5 thoughts on “After #28daysofwriting how about #31daysofcommenting ?

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  1. I write for myself (and others)… I get more ‘comments’ via Twitter than on the blog itself these days, it used to be different, not sure why.
    I try to comment regularly on posts, but not just for the sake of it, only if I have something useful to say. I don’t think this qualifies 🙂


  2. Here is your virtual hug in the form of a comment.

    And I agree with whatedsaid about how the feedback comes back in to us.

    I too am trying out #28daysofwriting, which will be a challenge next week when I am packing a moving, but I like your idea of making March a day of commenting on others each day.


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