Giving @coetail a go

This year I decided that my learning and network need a shake up. I’ve seen a huge amount of buzz from the participants of Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy (COETAIL). Two of my favourite international educators @itsallaboutart and @ndbekah highly recommended the course so I’ve signed up.

Even though I’m online all the time distances matter. I thought that when I moved overseas I could simply add international educators to my PLN and I’d be sorted. This hasn’t been the case. I’ve found the process of building an international educator PLN a lot more challenging. Although I keep in touch with New Zealand educators via twitter, I feel like I’m out of the loop. We tweet in different time zones, I don’t attend conferences to sure up the online connection with face to face interactions. These challenges also what makes building and maintaining an effective PLN for an international educator tough.

I need to fill my tank – Yes integrate technology well  but I want to do it better. How I’m hoping COETAIL brings with it some new ideas to remix and integrate into my classroom. As the course progresses past the 101 stage I’m sure there will be some challenges there to push my thinking.

Evidence of learning – One of the frustrating things about the work I put into regular blogging is that doesn’t show up easily on a CV. COETAIL is a way to demonstrate that I am regular contributor to the online educational community and is evidences of ongoing professional learning.

It shall be an interesting year of so…

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