Social media messages – Compare and Contrast @bnighrogain

A few weeks ago I had a big rant about teachers taking to social media to teach kids ‘a lesson.’


Today I was on twitter and spotted a similar photo and had a completely different reaction.

What I like about this photo

  • The students are posing a question rather than a teacher.
  • It’s a  message of possibility of new technology for learning rather than fear and shaming one.
  • There are chances for interaction with the users of this through hashtags as I am doing now with this blog post
  • The students will no doubt learn discuss the implications of the reach of the photo which will enable them to construct their own understanding.

I’m still not a huge fan of the ‘please share this photo’ meme. I firm believer that good content will be shared. However it is refreshing to see social media being something to be used responsibly not to lecture children about.

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