Read aloud favourite – The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Edward on a shelf

There is always a risk during an incredible class read aloud like Wonder that the follow up book will not nearly be as good. That the children won’t bond with the characters and will not be as excited to hear about the story.

Last year I read Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper with the class only to have them spend a lot of time rejecting the One and Only Ivan as they had become so attached to Melody.

So it was with a bit of nervousness that I introduced Edward Tulane into the classroom read aloud.

After growing to love Auggie Pullman and the love that surrounded him, Edward was a haughty rabbit made of China proved to be a tough character for the children to initially bond with.

Fortunately this story quickly got going and there were major character transformations quickly.

The ups and downs of the story had the children enthralled and always that next chapter.

The themes of Love and Loss were poignant in particular for one of the children in my class. My Year 4s loved this story and I would recommend up to Year 5/6.

Although there wasn’t much action that resulted from the book there was plenty

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