Cross Post: Final course 1 project #coetail


I found this final project of planning an entire unit incredibly hard.

As inquiry-trained teacher my planning is usually few concepts and a provocation then lots of responses to conversations with the kids. Nothing is planned more than a few days in advance.  I’m also used to collaborating with team members when planning units rather than being out on my own. In fact this is the first time I’ve ever written an entire unit plan from scratch!

Rather than write a new unit from scratch I thought about how I could develop a unit I recently taught. Through an active social media presence, my class was invited to take part in a global photography project. The results of the project will form part of a public exhibition.  The kids really enjoyed the project in particular the field trip that they took which bought them right out of their bubble and into different parts of Singapore.

However the interaction between the children who participated in different schools was minimal. The children in my class really enjoyed seeing some of the images posted to a private teacher forum but the project would have been enriched with more interaction between the children taking part in the project.

If  I was going to apply what I have learned in this project, it would be to make better use of photo sharing sites such as flickr and instagram for children to interact with images both from their peers in their own class but also view and be inspired by images from different countries. The use of hashtags to follow the project and the ability to comment on images would give children in the project more of a chance to interact and greater ownership over the project.

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