Teaching under the influence of migraines

O image by r.nial.bradshaw used under creative commons license

I had been migraine-free for over a year.

That all came crashing to halt yesterday as the auras, throbbing head pain and nausea arrived in one big party.

I’ve tried to explain to people who don’t suffer from them that my experience of migraines is that is a combination of a searing headache, worst hangover and a dose food poisoning combined.

There really is only one cure for a migraine rest in quiet and dark places.

Unfortunately schools are the opposite of quiet and dark places.

The kids are usually really good when they know you aren’t 100%. The only way through a migraine is to prevent them.

Often migraines are the result of me taking on too much, trying to do too much and not getting nearly enough sleep.

Time to put on that hand break.

4 thoughts on “Teaching under the influence of migraines

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  1. Taking time to slow down is important and I guess that your body is giving you a hint, although it is a hard thing to do. Since you live in Singapore, I suggest tat you turn off your phone and head to little India for a Curry and a Mango Lassi 😉
    Take care of yourself and the weekend is only a moment away.


  2. I get severe migraines regularly too – and it makes almost everything impossible. Sorry to hear you have to deal with this too. Hopefully you get a break soon!


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