Irrational fears, trust and control 

“Aren’t you nervous to be flying Malaysia Airlines?”

No more than usual…

Cheap flights to Japan made the choice a no-brainer for March holidays but truth be told I am a nervous flyer. 

Statistically flying is incredibly safe form of transportation. Far safer than cars and definitely a lot safer than hanging on the back of motos without a helmet.

Nevertheless, I’m never at ease in the air. 

There’s always that feeling of something bad being just one bang away. If it does, there’s not much I can do just go along for the ride.

I’ve been wondering if the same is true in education. 

How easy it can be for research to give way to fear and mistrust.

How giving over control of children learning for the bulk of the day requires that leap of faith. 

How small bumps can trigger huge emotional reactions and a lack of information to the unexpected can make a situation seem so much worse than it is.

The big difference, our families aren’t just along for the ride and the kids aren’t supposed to be sitting at the back of their plane.


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