One quarter of the way through my daily blogging quest 

Wow so that’s Match out of the way. Two weeks of holidays, sickness and migraines and I’m still here typing away.

This month saw a drop off in fellow bloggers and the Feburary 28 days of blogging challenge.

I didn’t make many comments and I’m still not linking much to others writing.

On the plus side I’m still being inspired by things I’ve seen and read. This term I have both COETAIL and school reports to write. Nevertheless I’m determined to make it to April with a daily post,

2 thoughts on “One quarter of the way through my daily blogging quest 

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  1. Hi Stephanie
    I was telling someone today how I read many of your posts but never comment/. So I thought when I saw this pop up, I’d better. I am DP in a school in NZ, New Plymouth, Taranaki. Teach Year 5/6.
    Have this blog but don’t really write so must!! (You might see links to some of your thinking.)

    Class Blog

    I really enjoy all your posts.

    Thank you

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