On learning Te Reo Maori… in Singapore

One of the joys of working in an international hub like Singapore is that you get to host visitors from your home country to your school.

Another joy of teaching in an international school is how readily the kids will want to learn a new language and follow new traditions, in this case a Maori action song to welcome song. Only one of the children in the class is from New Zealand and none of the non-Kiwi kids have ever visited New Zealand so this really was a foreign language yet the students enjoyed the process of learning something new.

In the space of two school weeks the children have formally welcomed two visitors. This time it was a visiting delegation from Newmarket school who were in Singapore for a conference. @Vanschaijik@newmarketschool  and @ginnynz01 dropped into say ‘Kia Ora.’ On both occasions the children’s song was returned with song from the adults. It’s amazing to international kids glow at their efforts being acknowledged in such a beautiful way.

Kapa Haka in action.
Kapa Haka in action. Photo by the author.

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