Links you should be reading…

Things that have been capturing my attention from the interwebs this week.

Income inequality, as seen from space Take to time to study the pictures comparing affluent neighbourhoods to non-affluent neighbourhoods before reading the blurb.The pictures would be a great visual provocation for sharing the planet.

In a world where the representation of girls is so often associated with saccharine sweetness – a refreshing photographic story – Strong is the new pretty.

You’ll need some tissues for this one – Teenagers Face Early Death, on Their Terms

Gamification is a hot topic in education right now. In Make a Game Out of Learning takes a closer look at the trend arguing that “Games that “make math fun” typically don’t require players to use math in any real sense”

Singapore’s transmogrification is highlighted in this article the Singapore slider – which compares various locations around the city with modern photos.

I love Amy Poehler. A great story on How Amy Poehler became a mentor to the teen Internet.

Believe it or not “learning styles” do not exist. – key quote ‘most of what you learn in school is not kinaesthetic, auditory or visual. It’s meaning based.’

Secondary school assessment. @claireamosnz, one of my favourite people on the interwebs (and in real life) ponders lower level secondary assessment Why are you still doing NCEA level 1? while in Canada final exams are also losing favour.

Their moment @stumpteacher really grasps what school is about.

On imperfect memory “Remembrance of Things Lost” What makes memories precious, even certain “bad” ones, is forgetting, of course.

Finally Are we training our students to be robots? via @sonjanz has my mind ticking over around the purposeful use of technology in the classroom.

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