So your #ade2015 application was rejected…

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Over the week there’s been a flurry of tweets and Facebook updates from those educators who have been selected to attend this year’s Apple Distinguished Educator institutes. With all the back slapping and congratulatory updates, those who didn’t get in may be feeling their application was the only one not accepted.

There were plenty who didn’t get in, but people who don’t often use social media to talk about setbacks.

But is it really a failure?

@robnewberry summed up my thoughts on the matter in a 140 characters:

I can think of plenty of educators out there doing fantastic things in the classroom who don’t care whether Apple thinks they are distinguished or not. I’ve met some amazing educators doing incredible things who didn’t get in. And I’ve met a few teachers who have got the nod from Apple  and wondered ‘how did that happen?’ after I met them.

Yes the ADE institutes are incredible and anyone rejected would be wise to stay well away from social media during the events.

Yes you should definitely pull @jayatwood and re-apply if you don’t get in if you feel the award is worth your time and effort.

But as an educator you do need to be critical of what is driving your desires.

Is it really a desire to share or more to be recognised? Education is field where you’ll find plenty of people telling you what you are doing is wrong. As a result, having someone give you a gold star for your teaching feels pretty bloody awesome.

Apple has been brilliant at cultivating the idea that PCs are for lowly, poor and unimaginative people with boring jobs while Apple products are for clever, creative types.

That’s part of the reason so many of us will shell out more money for Apple products. Middle class teachers can’t out-consume each other because we can’t afford to. But we can and do compete with each other about making the ‘right’ consumer choices.

So to get the nod from Apple must mean your teaching is clever and creative rather than dull and tired.

But really should we get this excited about a company giving their seal of approval to teachers?

Shouldn’t teachers be the ones giving the nod to good products?

To those educators who were selected congratulations. To those teachers who got rejected commiserations.

Both groups need to remember kids you teach everyday don’t really care about the awards you win. They just want you to do your job effectively.

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