Cross Post: #coetailcon – an end of course celebration in tweet form #coetail


Fellow COETAILers

Modelled on #twecon format my friend @HORansome came up, with #coetailcon is an academic conference in tweet form.

I would like to propose the conference run for the next week (until 18/05/2015). Anyone from the coetail community, past or present, is free to participate through presenting papers and asking questions of presenters.

The paper could be on any topic but is a way to for the coetail community to share their final projects with the wider educational community.

Papers must be

1. Conference papers should be no more than 6 tweets in length, including a title tweet.

2. Each tweet must be numbered 1-6 and use the hashtag #coetailcon

3. Tweets can link to images, short videos but can’t link to further written material unless it is for further reading or supporting material.

4. Links should not be used to get around the 140 character limit.

I will collate the papers and publish the papers on storify.

I’ve participated in two general twecons that have drawn in a diverse range of papers with some great interactions.

The format really challenges you to condense complex ideas down to their essence.

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