Don’t let the tool drive the learning 

Could you buy a reading app?

What piece of hardware should we buy?

What online platform shall we use?

Notice what’s missing from these questions?

The learning.

Instead of endlessly comparing tools, why not start with the learning.

What does learning look like, sound like, feel like, in the classroom. Then look at ways that technology will be used to support that vision.

Let the learning dictate the tools. Not the other way around.

2 thoughts on “Don’t let the tool drive the learning 

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  1. I’m so with you there, Stephanie, one of my pet-peeves is “Is there an app for this?” If we put the learning in the centre, we can choose the right tool – and make many if not most tools work for this. That’s why I love Teaching as Inquiry / Action Research / Action Learning, makes you examine the learning and find ideas & tools to support that:)


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